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Circles simple gold earrings

Circles simple gold earrings

2 400,00 KčCena

Circles earrings in sterling silver with 24K gold plated created by Karla Olsakova and Rudolf Rusnak. These earrings are perfect for everyday.


Karla creates and produces her jewelry through handcrafted and traditional jewelery processes. All the pieces are carefully and individually constructed in our workshop in Mikulov.

We only use high quality alloys, 925% silver. 


Caring for:

• keep the jewelry closed in individual packs away from light or moisture.

• avoid contact with chemical agents, pool or sea water, perfumes and shampoos.

• whenever you clean your piece use a soft brush, rinsing under running water and drying well

• check your jewel regularly

Dimensions: 2 x 1 cm

Material: Ag 925/1000, 24K gold plated

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